INCOMEF – Indústria de Componentes Mecânicos de Freixieiro, Lda. was founded in the city of Matosinhos, equipped with highly specialized technicians in different areas, both in design and production.


INCOMEF, taking into account the huge expansion of the sector and of its own organization, moves its facilities to Maia’s Industrial Zone, thus moving to a covered area of more than 2500m2.


INCOMEF starts its ISO 9001 certification process (completed in January 2015 and renewed in 2018), as well as the implementation of welding procedures for the certification of its workers in this area.


INCOMEF invests in a new business area and INCOMEF ENGINEERING appears which is dedicated to R&D, Design, Automation / Robotics and Artificial Vision. INCOMEF thus reinforces its position in the market Keeping its DNA, it offers tailor-made INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS for different industrial sectors.