Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers

These equipments are designed to withstand high loads, until 9Ton and to compensate dock height differences up to 250mm.

They have a tilting lip and constitute a perfect bridge between the truck bed and the warehouse floor, thus aiding loading and unloading operations.

They are actuated by hydraulic cylinders, powered by an energy unit coupled to an electric motor.

If it is not feasible to install a dock leveller the option of a scissor lifting table with a tilting lip is also possible.

• Its structure is made of standard profiles, rigidly welded;

• The hydraulic cylinders are made of steel tube with hard chrome plated rods and are equipped with a hose burst valve;

• The hydraulic unit consists of a sealed tank set where the electric motor, hydraulic pump, valves and filters are housed in;

• Push button command boxes and limit switches complete the activation of the equipment;

• Following Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the harmonised standard EN 1398 requirements;

• Electrical switchboard according to standard EN 60204-1.

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