Multiple Vertical Scissor Lifting Table

Multiple Vertical Scissor Lifting Table

The multiple vertical scissor table is designed to have a higher stroke than those achieved by single scissor tables.

The equipment selection is made according to the required lifting stroke, load and dimensions. This solution offers an interesting alternative when compared with other different lifting platforms.

It can also be used as an additional tool to other equipment.
It has very versatile technical features, allowing not only the movement of simple and light loads but also bulky and heavy ones.

• Its structure is made of standard profiles, rigidly welded;
• Their scissors may be made of steel pipe or steel plate, forming an articulated system to assure its vertical movement;
• The hydraulic cylinders are made of steel tube with hard chrome plated rods and are equipped with a hose burst valve;
• The hydraulic unit consists of a sealed tank set where the electric motor, hydraulic pump, valves and filters are housed in;
• Push button command boxes and limit switches complete the activation of the equipment;
• Following Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the harmonised standard EN 1570 requirements;
• Electrical switchboard according to standard EN 60204-1.

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